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Art is a mystery. I have difficulty explaining how I create because mystery is important to me. I don’t want to take away from people their experience seeing my artwork and finding something in themselves. My art is about you, not about me.

I believe life is a living ceremony, and my art is no exception. Much of what I do is an intuitive and sacred process, holding space and creating ceremony. My lineage in mindfulness and Zen painting is about removing yourself from the practice of art. I channel energy from an unseen world which is expressed through my art and infused with Reiki.

We’re all interconnected and reflections of the other. Everything is a projection/reflection, showing you something about yourself. What is seen may not always be pleasant, but it may allow you to arrive at something which needs to be understood or healed within yourself.

When I practice Reiki, it’s about me channeling the universal energy to the person who desires to see and heal experience within themselves. I’m merely a channel. A conduit. The same is true for my art. I allow it to happen. The art couldn’t happen without me, but my physical self doesn’t matter. Bringing forth the authentic self, the higher self, while the physical self takes a back seat. My invisibility is creating a space for the art to live.

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