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Life is a living ceremony.


This is one thing I believe at the core of my being.


Art to me is a ritual experience and being a Reiki Master helps me to set up sacred space in which to create works of art that act as a channel for universal energy. The ritual ceremony at the center of my art uses sacred symbols, meditation, and chanting. I breathe the energy I receive into the work before starting because breath itself is sacred and is an essential part of the life-force energy.

As an intuitive channel, there are times when I have an idea of what I want to bring forth, other times, there is something in the unseen world that wishes to express itself through me. I use my innate gifts and training in Reiki to tap into the energy beyond and bring a spirit into this realm. I often have no
memory of the experience when it is done, it is then up to every viewer’s interpretation to experience.

Other times, I set an intention to remember and share profound messages.

My life’s journey is a mirror for my art. The seen me vs the unseen me. The seen world vs the world
beyond the veil. My goal is to offer viewers a glimpse into my world while providing uplifting energy and sharing a connection in the human experience.

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