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The Lineage: One with the brush

The path that led me to embracing my true self was twisting and winding. It led me through storms and sunshine and everything in between. In the midst of daily anxiety resulting in panic attacks and agoraphobia, I had sought help and found my way back to art.


I have always been a creative soul and in the hum drum of daily living, I had lost my way. I was in a talk therapy session when I remembered seeing paintings 15 years before that were created by Frederick local Calvin Edward Ramsburg and I decided that I would contact him and let him know how much his work had moved me. Little did I know that one email would open the door to my wildest dreams!


I became Ed Ramsburg's protege and we worked side by side for years in his basement studio where he would teach me about his mentor Mai Vo-Dinh and his Vietnamese Zen paintings. in January of 2018, Ed and I went to Mai's home in Florida and brought home his lifetime of paintings, woodcuts and other works of art from his widow Laihong Vo-Dinh. This began the next chapter of my journey


Now, Ed and I begin the task of cataloguing and photographing Mai's work and putting his work back in the public eye who have not seen it in 10 years. My mission is to keep the unique Zen style of painting alive and Ed and I have big plans to begin a lineage show, book and much more!


I am super excited to see where this journey of art and healing will take me. From ritualistic painting sessions to a healing yurt to podcasts and public thing is for sure: It won't be boring.

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