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I think in color. I find that I can say things with shapes and colors that I can not say with words. My art draws inspiration from the world around me, particularly landscapes. I paint maps of undiscovered places and leap into emotion, sensation and instinct with no fear to explore the mysteries of the heart and mind and bring back a tangible souvenir.

Art for me is a practice of meditation. Before I begin any piece, I prefer to meditate with the blank surface for at least 10 minutes. This allows me to be centered and focused on the creating of the painting. Much like a Reiki practitioner is a channel for universal energy, I look at painting as a form of channeling. I empty my vessel and allow it to refill with colors, messages and energy which I then allow to flow onto the surface I am working on. Through time, practice and study I have found that I create best in a sacred space that I cultivate and in a ritualistic manner. I often shake rattles, pray, dance, etc to bring in the energy I feel a particular piece needs.  i find art, spirituality and energy work go hand in hand. It is an honor to carry on the work of Vo-Dinh Mai and to pick up the torch from Calvin Edward Ramsburg to keep the lineage going. It is just the beginning of the path and i look forward to the journey.

Check out for a selection of my art for sale online, as well as upcoming exhibit dates, or follow me on Facebook.

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