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Reiki (pronounced RAY_KEE)

Reiki is a spiritual healing art. It helps on all fronts: physical, emotional and spiritual. It is perfect for facilitating personal growth. It is not a massage and is not associated with any particular religion or practice.

A session is typically 60 minutes long, but can be customized to each individual client. The client relaxes fully clothed while the practitioner uses specific hand positions on them. The spiritually guided life force energy aids in stress reduction and is almost always a relaxing experience and a wonderful investment in yourself!

As a Karuna Reiki Master, I am intuitively guided when I work on my clients. I have created a safe and sacred space where I conduct my sessions and allow the energy to direct me along the way. I respect and honor the fact that I am a channel for this beautiful, healing energy and am happy knowing that I am holding the space for the client to connect to their highest self.

Often in this process, I receive loving messages and visions that I am open to passing along to the client.

Interested in hearing more about how my art ties into Reiki?  Check out the "Art" tab.

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