About ME


I am an intuitive Karuna Reiki master, artist and explorer of known and unknown territory.


Seeing past the veil as a young child, my childhood was far from ordinary. I had nightly "visitors" to my room and always heard and felt things that others seemed not to notice. I saw nice things as well as scary things and learned quickly not to talk openly about it. I remember the day I saw the famed psychic Sylvia Browne on tv and she had said that there was a way to shut down your "gifts." I was 15 or 16 at the time and wanted nothing more than just to fit in and be "normal." That night, I laid in bed and did everything she had said to do. I recall a feeling like a door had been shut and I was relieved. Finally! I get to be like everyone else!


The door stayed shut as I finished high school and began working as a hair stylist and studying art at college. The problem was that the door had shut so tight that I felt far removed from myself and even had trouble remembering parts of my own life! I developed severe anxiety and suffered from bouts of agoraphobia during this period of time.


On a twisting and turning path, I found my way back to myself and my spiritual core and am a happy, healthy and whole woman living with the door wide open (on my own terms!) Many people and experiences led me to becoming who I am today, which I will spend time exploring and sharing with all of you on your own path to an awakened life.


Looking forward to the journey!

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